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從前,在海底深處,有一個地300公頃的古怪鎮,鎮裡到處都是稀奇古怪的妖怪們。他們日落而出,日出而息。據有人類搭乘淺水艇時隠隠約約地在昏暗的海底中,看到一個巨大且燈火通明的海底城市,可想而知,那應該就是”古怪鎮”了。“古怪鎮” 有五個守護神,人稱”五高怪”,他們分別掌管從地表落入鎮上的垃圾以及水,默默地保護著深海中的魚群與妖怪們。

Protect Our Homeland With Woowfuner !

Once Upon a Time, In The Depths of The Sea, There Was a Town Called “ Stange Town”. The Town is Full of Monsters, It Said That When People Take Submarines, They See a Huge And Bright Underwater City. It Supposed Be The “Stange Town”. There Are Five Patron Saints In The City, Which Are Called “WOOWFUNER”. They Deal With The Garbage And Sewage That Fall From The Surface Into The Town, And Silently Protect Sea Creatures And Monsters In The Deep Sea.

五高怪 Woowfuner

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