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科學愛好者 -  小東子

東子 - 東方之子,別名:冬至 Maximum,誕生於冬至之日,萬物昭甦,一顆流星劃過長空降落在東方之珠香港的獅子山上,小東子誕生了。小東子熱忱好客,最喜歡聽哥哥姐姐們講有關科學故事,從無人駕駛到 VR遊戲和人工智能。

The Science Lovers

Maxi, Son of the East, Warm and Hospitable. He Born on the Day of the Winter Solstice when Creation Awake, A Shinny Meteor Across The Sky Landed On The Lion Rock Hongkong. Maxi Loves to Listen to His Brothers And Sisters To Tell Science Stories, From Driverless Cars to VR Games, Artificial Intelligence and more.

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