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這是一個啟發性的繪畫體驗課程,適合5歲或以上的小藝術家以及想學習卡通繪畫的初學者。【奇奇畫室精選:一步一步畫卡通】是一個良好的出發點。 我們的課程使用逐步的方法來指導小藝術家,讓他們同時思考和手動力。 每節課都備有練習材料,以提高繪畫技巧。 一起與奇奇開始繪畫的旅程吧!

This is an inspiring drawing experience class for little young artists ages 5+ and to beginner who want to learn cartoon drawing. It is a good starting point on ways to draw. Our courses are using step-by-step method to guide little young artists think and act at the same time. With practice material in each section to improve drawing skills. Let's begin the journey with KierArt @Maxi27hk!

✔️Let's Drawing together 💚 一起動手畫吧!

✔️Skill Level 技能等級:Beginner Level 初級

✔️Preparation 準備材料:Drawing paper 畫紙 ﹑Marker Pen馬克筆﹑Oil Pastels 油粉彩

✔️Languages 語言:Cantonese粵語

✔️Worksheet 練習材料:Click here, Download and Print 按此

☀️ 課程優惠,凡於8月31日或之前均可免費加入成為M27會員,全年恆常課程均享有9折優惠!https://forms.gle/xRRYb2BuntX2MJRV9

⭐ 課程查詢 55120992 (WhatsApp)/ www.Maxi27.com

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