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Purple Paper Structures

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Maxi 27 Forest Party 2021 森林派對

Maxi 27 Studio旨在透過多元化的繪畫、舞蹈、音樂及各項兒童發展藝術課程和活動,由專業導師團隊營造藝術氣氛,積極鼓勵學員參與和探索,啟發個人的創造力及提升藝術技能,發掘屬於自己的神奇力量。Maxi 27 Studio aims to create an artistic atmosphere by a team of professional instructors through a variety of Art, Dance and Music to various art development courses and activities for children. Our team encourage students to participate and explore actively. We inspire personal creativity and enhance artistic skills by excavate our own magical power.

🌈兒童畫班,舞蹈班及各類工作坊現正招生,詳情可聯絡 +852 55120992 (WhatsApp/Signal) 或瀏覽 查詢。 Social Media: @Maxi27hk

🌟 立即報名,加入Maxi27藝術之家!


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