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乘著氣球, 勇敢追夢

台灣邵族於狩獵時, 遇見象徵幸福的白鹿, 開始不分晝夜地追逐著南投日月潭時白鹿隠身於碧藍的湖光之中。族人驚訝之餘發現這裡湖光山色, 花香鳥語, 白鹿群聚, 便決定移居至此。於是, 白鹿化身為各行各業的逐夢者 - 白鹿夢與築夢者們, 隠藏在帽裡引領著人們, 隨著氣球飄往夢想航道, 找到屬於自己的日月潭。

Balloon The Way Up

When The Thao People Were Hunting, They Met The White Deer And Began To Chase It. When They Went to The Sun Moon Lake, The White Deer Disappeared. Thetribes Were Surprised to Find The Sun Moon Lake. It Is Suitable For Living So They Decided To Live In Sun Moon Lake. Thus, BalLoonMon Became The Dreamer, Leading Us To Find Our Own Wonderland.

白鹿夢 BaILoonMon

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